Milo Reid (b. Bath City, 1985) is a London based still life photographer. Reid’s interests at a young age in graffiti and 3D design moved quickly into the realm of photography in his teenage years. Through his studies and mentorship he developed his technical process alongside an understanding of the importance of creating work with integrity. After years of working in photography and developing his technical problem solving skills, Reid was drawn to still life for its pace, the constant development and the level of mastery over the subject.

He works across a broad spectrum of photography and video. His work is not contained to a single style, instead experimenting with analogue and digital mediums, stills and motion, nature and studio. He has embarked upon ambitious projects that include capturing examples of biodiversity, landscape, erosion, human nurturing and more to combine them in a nonlinear manner and tell a story of interconnectivity and the profound beauty of the natural world. Reid's work is perfectly imperfect, arresting and abstract. Clients include DeBeers, Bottega Veneta, Burberry and Stüssy.


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