Employment Opportunities - Producer (UK)

DoBeDo Represents is looking for full-time hands-on print and moving image producer working alongside their agents.

We are looking for a candidate that is imaginative and flexible with a strong work ethic, calm under pressure and always interested in finding creative solutions. Ideally, they would be excited to bring their own network of collaborators and contacts to the table. This role is designed to work closely with the agents in NYC and the UK and has the opportunity to move into an associate agent position.

Please send your CV and application to: hello@dobedorepresents.com


  • Assist agents and production team in project development and management, bids, vendor communications, crew options, budgets and billing as well as building complete shoot budgets and call sheets
  • Manage post-production, scheduling and final project delivery by coordinating briefs, treatments, timelines and deliverables with fast paced communication
  • Engage in on-set production as needed
  • Maintain solid working knowledge of industry standards, rules, regulations and best practices
  • Ensure production runs according to schedule to eliminate potential overages
  • Initiate, co-ordinate and supervise all aspects of a production from pitch and bid to final delivery in order to create compelling and original content and ensure production is on brief, on time and on budget
  • Manage budgets, reconciliations and final billing
  • Assist agents in developing long term objectives, specific strategies and actions with artists in line with company values and objectives, propose and discuss concept ideas to potential clients
  • Establish and develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with artists, vendors and clients
  • Work with agents on updating portfolios, social media and client specific PDFs
  • Maintain working knowledge of clients and creative teams
  • Keep abreast of new talented photographers/directors, stylists and creative directors for collaboration with agency’s current roster of artists or for representation


  • 2-3+ years production experience
  • Possess knowledge of the photography and film world as well as working knowledge of clients and creative teams and vendors within industry and related industries
  • Possess knowledge of both stills and motion crew and equipment terminologies
  • Excited about developing production skills and expanding their role
  • Detail-oriented, excellent time management skills, strong organizational skills, strong interpersonal skills, exceptional verbal communication and written skills
  • Proactive and reliable with a heartfelt and genuine interest in supporting artists and overall positive attitude and calm approach to all tasks at hand
  • Proficient in Excel, Hotbudgets, Showbiz, Adobe Creative Suite, MS Word
  • Existing network of contacts within the industry
  • Comfortable working independently and to self-teach
  • Passion for trying new things, and ability to quickly provide alternative solutions and ideas
  • Additional foreign language skills a plus